Winemaker's insight

The Jura wine region covers 80 kilometers between Burgundy and Switzerland, on the Eastern border of France.
Aged 36 months, our Crémant du Jura has the intensity of great vintage years, offering refinement and complexity, perfect to celebrate unique moments

Grape varietals

100% Chardonnay


Manual harvest. Harvested grapes are transported in crates drilled with holes to keep the fruit integrity. Only the juices of the cuvées, obtained by gentle extraction, are selected to respect the maximum aromatic freshness and minerality. The juices are fermented at around 18°C to preserve their fine taste. The wines are matured for five months in vats and then bottled for a second fermentation.
The bottles are then kept lying down for 36 months to favour the organoleptic enrichment of the product by the autolysis of the yeasts in contact with the wine.

Tasting notes

Clear, sparkling colour, criss-crossed with dancing bubbles. Attractive aromatic nose, with delicate floral, white fruit (apple) and stone fruit (peach) hints. Its delicate bubbles delight the palate, and have a clean, festive attack. A balance between the mineral tension of the Chardonnay and the complexity conferred by the ageing on the laths inducing beautiful brioche notes and a finish with pleasant notes of dried fruit.

Food and wine pairing

Recommended as a pre-dinner drink or in accompaniment of a cheese fondue, a Bresse chicken served with a gratin dauphinois, a chestnut cake, or also a crème brûlée flavoured with absinthe.

Serving suggestions

To be served chilled, between 8° et 10°C.

Autres informations

Dosage : 10 to 12g of sugar per liter (Brut)
Alcohol : 11,5% Vol.